Fryd extracts is a new cartridge that is taking the vaping industry by storm. The oils in the fryd vapes are of the highest purity you will find anywhere on the market. Buy brand new fryd carts straight from the manufacturer. We also offer wholesale prices for those looking to become distributors.


Fryd is one of the fastest growing vaping brands released in the beginning of 2022. We started out in 4 flavors but due to popular demand we released 6 more flavors.

The flavors include:
Tropical Runtz Punch, Pink Starburst, Lemonberry Tartz, Watermelon Gushers, Blueberry Zlushie,  Berry Zkittles, Strawberry Lemoncello

There is definitely a flavor for everyone to savor. Try Fryds Today.

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Fryd Extracts 2gram disposables charging instructions

The fryd Extracts disposables come with a usb-c charger.

Simply plug in the usb-c charger to the port at the bottom of the fryd disposable.

Once connected, you will notice a white blinking light on your device. This indicates that your fryd cart is charging.

When your fryd extract is fully charged, you will notice that the white light will turn to a green light. This indicates your disposable is ready for use.

After using and enjoying your fryd vapes, you will notice an orange or red light when the battery is low. This is signal to your device back on charge.

NB: Please don’t use your fryd vapes while on charge.


Top best selling vape cartridge 2022. Fryd is taking over the game.

Fryd carts Review

Since the release of our fryd extracts, we have being receiving a lot of amazing reviews from a lot of disposable lovers. This is kind of a summary or a general review of fryd carts. “It hits smooth, tastes great and you can feel it creeping into the corners of your brain after just a couple of hits. USB-C is nice and it feels like it has a nice heavy battery in it too. In general very nice disposables will definitely recommend.


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